what is portal games?

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Portal Games are not computer games. Portal Games are real games in real life.

Imagine you and your friends find yourselves in a room and the door closes behind you, you are given 60 minutes to leave that room. You can only get out with the help of your logic. But you will not be alone in the room, there will be characters against you in the game.

As you can see, it won't be easy to escape from there. You can only free yourselves out of that room by working as a team.

What do you
do to participate?

Gather your team

First, get your team of 2-10 people ready.
Reserve the game

Once you have your team, you need to go to our website, choose one of the games and reserve your time slot.
Approach the game's branch

You should approach the branch of your chosen game with your team at the reservation time.
Enter the game

After receiving detailed information about the game, you will be led into the room.
Overcome the obstacles

You have to go through various puzzles and challenges with the help of your logic.
Break free

Overcome all the obstacles within 60 minutes and get out of the room.Or else...

is it for?

Hurry up to experience a real adventure here with your friends!
There are games that make the trip unforgettable for the guests of our city as well!
Corporate events and teambuildings
It's a perfect place to test your teamwork, communication skills and critical thinking.
Classmates and Groupmates
Shift your attention away from assignments and lessons and apply it in our games!
We are sure that you will have an exiciting time here with your loved ones!
Birthdays and Events
A great opportunity to celebrate in a unique entertaining way!

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