Portal is a door to a parallel reality, a reality we want.

Portal Games-is a quest game. A quest is a game which takes place in real life, which operates in the Escape Room genre. The Escape Room genre came to us from computer games.

On April 12, 2015 Portal Games team opened its first branch "Ayna Sultanova" at the same time with two games. This branch is located at Ziya Bunyatov Avenue.

This was the first game "bunker" of the games opened in this branch. It took us exactly six months to build it.

The second branch game was the "saw" game.

The goal of the Games is to meet a certain time (40-120 min.) to leave the room by completing a mission, solving puzzles with the help of characters. Players lose if game time runs out. Using special effects, music, and actors, Portal Games will take you to the top of the game.

In 2023, there are 28 games in 11 of our branches:

Scary Games : Maniac, Temple, Mayya, Zombie, Witch, Nun, Curse, Jackpot, Fear, Graf Dracula, Exorcist, Saw, Mummy, Hannibal, House, Garage, Experiment, 666, Psycho Hospital, Gloom, Museum, Motel.

Non-scary games: Bunker, Prison, Harry Potter, Cowboy, Bank.

In reality, the first of these games appeared simultaneously in Japan and Hungary. For fans of outdoor activities, fresh ideas have aroused great interest, and took its place on the entertainment market. For some it is an adventure, for some a way to test their intellectual abilities, and for some an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones.


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